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runDisney – the Basics

Have you been to Disney and seen people in running gear with medals? Or overheard someone talk about running a race at Disney? If you are asking yourself what is going on or what is runDisney, then you’ve come to the right place.

I finished my third runDisney race recently. And they have all been a complete blast.

Before you think, you must be an insane runner to think that a race is fun. A) I am so not a runner, and B) everyone was having a blast.

This post covers the runDisney basics, so you can decide if a runDisney race is for you.

So, What is runDisney?

In short, runDisney is the name the part of Disney that organizes running races. These special races feature behind the scenes views, parks after hours, and of course Disney characters.

What is runDisney

runDisney Expo

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