Disney Nerd Tips – My Best Disney Tips and Tricks

Disney Nerd Tips (DNTs) are helpful Disney tips, hints, trick, and tidbits that I hope will help you in planning and enjoying your next Disney World trip. They come from my own personal experience, as well as what I have learned from others. As always, please email me if you have specific questions. And if I got something wrong, don’t keep it to yourself, let me know.

Most of these Disney tips come from posts I’ve already done. Many have links to those posts. If the links doesn’t work either technology has gotten the best of us (cue the voice you never want to hear after waiting 45 minutes for an attraction) or I’m working on the post, but couldn’t wait to share the DNT with you.

Best of Disney Tips:

Yehaa Bob is one of the best nighttime entertainment options at Disney World and it is free even without a park ticket

Getting Around:

Free boat transportation is provided from Disney Springs to Port Orleans – Riverside to see Yehaa Bob (and the rest of the resort)


You can bring beverages (adult or otherwise) into lines that are outside, but once you hit carpet its down the hatch (either yours or the trash’s)


For most nighttime entertainment at Disney World, the later shows are less crowded.

Don’t be discouraged by standing room only at Yeeha Bob shows, not only is it worth it, but tables seem to open up as families head in for the night

Yehaa Bob’s sets have more innuendoes as the night goes on. I wouldn’t call it risqué, but if you are concerned go earlier in the night

Don’t miss getting a photo and autograph with Yehaa Bob in between his sets


The Southern Hurricanes at Port Orleans – Riverside (served at the bars and restaurant) are delicious; sweet, but not sickingly so

Food and Wine Festival:

Epcot Food and Wine Festival can be very expensive; plan ahead to avoid wasting money by checking out menus and reading reviews. But don’t rely on reviews alone, pick what you want to do by yours and your family’s personal preferences

Bring a list of things you want to try to Epcot Food and Wine Festival to avoid sensory overload

The Tasting Sampler can be a way to save money at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, just make sure to use it on items that cost more than $8.61

Epcot Food and Wine Festival Passports contain crucial information about the marketplaces, and make nice free souvenirs


Disney resorts have a dedicated channel showing the new Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts. They are a great way to get in the Disney spirit without watching a commercial on loop

Extra Magic:

Disney prides itself on great customer service; if there is an issue, say something (nicely), and they’ll make an effort to fix it. Even if you don’t normally say anything when there are issues, Disney World is the place to speak up.


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